Hello, music lovers. If everyone at work is looking at you funny it might be because you didn’t change your clock last Sunday. Well, never mind about that. Just come enjoy some live music.


Thursday, March 14

Tim Sears, Round Man Brewing Co., 5 p.m., 939-1800 

Friday, March 15

Boulder Lodge House Band and Friends, 8 p.m., 462-3002

R Country Offspring, C’eska’ Opera House, 7 p.m., 234-5600

The County, Sevenwinds Casino, 8 p.m., 800-526-2274

Austin Fire, The Cabaret, 8 p.m., 259-4440

Saturday, March 16

Open Road, Paradise Shores 4, 7 p.m., 595-4227

Mois Bois, Rivers Edge Saloon, 9 p.m., 634-2631

The O’Bro’s, Molly and the Danger Band, The Ringleaders, Boulder Lodge, 5 p.m., 462-3002

Galetka Brothers, DJ’s American Pizza Pub, 8 p.m., 609-1415

For The Win, The Chit Chat Bar, 8 p.m., 354-3094

Crescent Moon, Trails End Resort, 9 p.m., 634-2423

Jerry Allen, The Gravel Pit Tavern, 5 p.m., 364-6883

The County, Sevenwinds Casino, 8 p.m., 800-526-2274

Paisan and the Family Brass, Nezzy’s Sports Bar, 8 p.m.

The O’Barleys, Glory B’s, 3 p.m., 868-3990

Brave Cowboy, Butternut Hills, 7 p.m., 635-8563

Austin Fire, The Cabaret, 7 p.m., 259-4440

Flashpoint, Ted’s Timberlodge, 9 p.m., 595-4424

Sunday, March 17

The Irish Band, TNTs Sports Bar, 1:30 p.m., 699-1594

For The Win, The Chit Chat Bar, 1 p.m., 354-3094

Pucky and Brian, Ammo’s Evergreen Tavern, 1 p.m., 794-2245

Warren Nelson, Randy Sabien, Ed Willet, The Park Center, 3 p.m.

Allison Hand Sawmill Session Band, Sawmill Saloon, 3 p.m., 634-5660

Tuesday, March 19

Acoustic Jam, Northwoods Vape Escape, 7 p.m., 934-8383


That’s what I have this week. If you have a gig you would like in the column, send me a message on Facebook or to seandaddy0@yahoo.com by early Sunday the week before and I’ll get it in. It’s almost spring, so enjoy the day and I’ll catch ‘ya on the flip side.


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