Jim : First off I must apologize for not having a Moose Lake News article in the paper last week. I ran out of time trying to put something together. I got a call the last minute from my friend Mike Henry of Pipestone Fly-Ins that the ice started to go out on the five lakes that he has his cabins located on in NW Ontario. Each spring Mike and I get together to inspect each cabin for damage by bears and the winter weather. These cabins are located in Wabakimi Provincial Park in North West Ontario. They are located approximately 500 miles north northeast of Hayward. These cabins are located in the Eastern Time zone, north of Lake Nipigon. Wabakimi Park is very remote with only 700 backcountry visitors a year to its 2.3 million acres. There some very big lakes in the park. Some are 5 times the size of the Chippewa Flowage. Mike has two of his cabins on two of the largest lakes, Smoothrock and Lake Wabakimi.

Smoothrock Lake is 19.3 miles long and 14.3 miles wide. How would you like to share this much water with only one other outfitter. Only one other time in the last twenty years I have seen someone from the other camp. You have this lake basically all to yourself. 99% of the fish on these lakes die of old age or by a predator that swims in the same water.

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