This is retired Moose Lake News columnist Jan Stapleton, filling in for Jim Onarheim this week. Jim’s working another few Midwest sports shows, so I’m giving him an opportunity to get a little well-deserved break.

Cabin fever is defined as irritability, listlessness and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter. Maybe you’ve experienced some of these symptoms this year. May I suggest some possible options to help cure this Northwoods ailment?

Get out of Dodge! Take a little trip south and discover some white sand instead of white snow. My spouse, the brown dogs and I spent a few weeks on dog-friendly St. George Island off the Florida Panhandle, and it really recharged our batteries. The beaches were empty (too cool for most snowbirds looking for hot weather) and the seafood, particularly the oysters, were abundant and delicious.

Fill ‘er up at a Moose Lake potluck! These popular winter culinary adventures are being held on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month at Louie’s Landing Restaurant. Bring a dish to share. Appetizers are laid out first, a little after 6 p.m. Then come the entrées, side dishes and desserts at 6:30. Please label your contribution with your name and the general contents of the dish. There are power strips available for plugging in your hot dish. The MLIA supplies the paper plates, and Louie’s Landing provides the venue.

Let’s get physical! After a few more inches of heavy snow last weekend, you can shovel those walkways and clear your fire signs of snow blockage. If you’ve caught up, head on over to my place and dig in, no questions asked. Wear your spikes when walking on our icy roads. Check out the yoga classes at the Town of Round Lake Town Hall on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Many Moose Lakers find the classes to be a wonderful way to stretch and gain a little core strength. They’re offered by WITC, and you can sign up on their website for the next series starting in April. 

Get behind the eight ball! The winter pool league shoots on at Louie’s Landing every Thursday evening starting at 6:30 p.m. Last week, Brad Daywitt and Joe Dwyer took first place, Don Rossiter and Terry Barnhill came in second, and the TP (toilet paper) award went to Dave and Patty Miller. Tom Koehler and Roger Winter played, but without winning a darn thing.

Who let the dogs out? Remember to get your Sawyer County dog licenses by April 1 or pay an expensive penalty. Registration information can be found on the Town of Round Lake or Sawyer County websites. And speaking of furry things, check out the wildlife moving around the lake. Bobcats are being spotted, deer are herding up, the eagles are perching over the river at open areas, and the squirrels are managing to get through the snow back to your feeders (but how, I don’t know).

Out with the old! No, I don’t mean me! Start your spring cleaning early this year and put your old treasures aside for the Moose Lake Festival’s White Elephant Sale. You can start dropping your sale items off at the Town of Round Lake Recycling Center on County A in early June. We’ll keep you posted on the exact date in future columns. And replace your old batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, which should be done each time the daylight savings time changes occur. The clocks ”sprang forward” last Sunday, and if yours didn’t, you’ve been late for lots of things all week.

Make a date (or two or three)! Vote on April 2 for two Town of Round Lake supervisor positions and for town chairperson. The Moose Lake Improvement Association’s annual meeting will be on Saturday, July 6. Mark the Moose Lake Fest on your calendar for Saturday, Aug. 3.

Condolences to Ernie and Susie Henkle and family on the loss of their son Ernest “Butch” Henkle Jr. of Hayward. Butch passed away on March 2 in Hayward. Per his request, no funeral service was held. His obituary can be read in last week’s Record.

Happy birthday wishes to Effie Debias on March 14th; Joan Tamm and David Runice on the 15th; Russ Haling, Marcia Whaley, Ross Metcalf and Tessa Rae Richter on the 16th; and Randy Ross on the 17th.  

For information on the Town of Round Lake government, check For Moose Lake Improvement Association (MLIA) information, visit 

Have a peaceful week. 


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