Brrrrr. It was -35 Monday morning at Moose Lake. Cold weather is all around us and it looks like it may stay with us until at least Thursday. If the weather forecast is correct, things may change a little by the end of the week.

This past weekend my friend Rob Sparhawk and I went to the Vintage Snowmobile ride in Winter, a fundraiser for the Winter Huskies Snowmobile Club. We both wanted to ride but at 7 a.m. we backed out because of the cold, but in spite of the weather they had about 80 riders. There were many fine-looking machines from as far back as the 60s. Yes, a few that broke down and had to be towed and then hauled away, but that is to be expected. At 4 p.m. they had a delicious chicken dinner that was included in the ride.

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