Dr. Paul and Bonnie Miller, longtime Moose Lake residents for over 30 years, are very proud to announce that their grandson, Patrick Rafferty, recently has become an Eagle Scout in Troop 1 in St. Charles, Illinois. Patrick is also a member of the Order of The Arrow. He is now attending Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. 

Patrick’s mother, Peggy (Miller), now has a father and a son who are Eagle Scouts. She has been coming to Moose Lake since she was 7 years old. Patrick made his first trip up here when he was just a month old. Congratulations Patrick! Go Scouts!

With the festival behind us, we can now focus on other things. Lt. Gary Hosler of the Round Lake Fire Department told me that Lori De Joode of R&R Bayview Resort was interested in doing a Friday night Fish Fry as a benefit to the The Round Lake Fire Department, which provides fire protection for the Town of Hunter as well as the Town of Round Lake. 

They were unable to help with the Moose Lake Festival so Laurie and her husband Tony asked Gary if the fire department would be interested in doing a Friday night fundraiser fish fry. I knew Laurie from working with her on the Hayward Lakes Visitor and Convention Bureau board, and after our discussion it was decided to have the fish fry Friday, Sept. 13. As we get closer I will have more information on this event at R&R Bayview Resort.

Last Thursday, Aug. 8, the Moose Lake Improvement Association (MLIA) completed a two-year, DNR-approved lake improvement project. A year ago 30-plus volunteers built and installed many new fish cribs in Moose Lake. The fish cribs were constructed of 10 wooden pallets and eight concrete blocks, which add weight to the cribs to make sure that they sink to the lake bottom. The pallets came from Walters Lumber Company in Radisson and the cement blocks came from Rice Lake. 

We started building the cribs at 8 a.m. Thursday and completed construction by 11. We stacked the pallets one on top of another, with the concrete blocks placed inside the first three pallets. The seven remaining pallets were then stacked on top. All 10 pallets were secured with fiberglass bands to hold everything together. The 4-by- 5-foot cribs were moved by a forklift (owned by Dean Broberg) down to the water’s edge, then were moved out to their 13 final resting places in Moose Lake by a very large pontoon. By 1 p.m. the project was completed. Everyone had a good lunch provided by the MLIA.

The purpose of the fish crib project is to give additional protection to the smaller fish, especially during the winter months. The smaller fish can swim in and out of the wooden pallets to escape from the larger fish. We hope to see a difference within the next few years to the fish population in Moose Lake. 

Dr. Dave Wiltrout, who was in charge of the project, needs to be commended for the many hours he invested in this huge undertaking, which extended over three years. We also want to thank the many volunteers who helped last year and this year —  Dean Broberg for the use of his skidsteer and Dominic Marchese, who allowed us to use his property and boat launch to build and move the fish cribs into the lake. This was a team effort to complete this project. 

Birthday wishes this week go out to Ken Loefler Jr., Irene Trettin and Peggy Rafferty (Miller), all on Aug. 15, Betty Greene on the 16th, John Levis, Pam Dahlstrom (Jorgenson) and Tom Koontz, all on the 19th, and to Judy Seeger on Aug. 20 and Rudy Seeger on Aug. 21. Happy anniversary to Julie and Charlie Oldenburg on Aug. 16, and to Tom and Chris Jablonski and Dave and Marilyn (Snook) Sanders, both celebrating on Aug. 20. 

I must admit that last week I forgot to wish happy anniversary to a very good friend whom I worked with for many years in the fire service in Eau Claire. Dave and Donna Arbs celebrated their anniversary on Aug. 8. I apologize for omitting this from last week’s news. 

Well, that is all we have for this week. Enjoy the summer and stay safe!


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