Michelle Pederson

Michelle Pederson


Michelle Pederson is a Haywardite and she loves it. One of Hayward’s younger citizens, 32-year-old Michelle was born in Ashland, raised in Hayward and went to Hayward schools until 10th grade, when she transferred to Drummond High School and graduated in 2005. 

People in Hayward may well remember her grandparents, Mel and Ferne Pederson, who lived on Tiger Cat Road in Hayward. They owned a liquor store in Hayward and Mel was a well-known director on the board of Jump River Electric Cooperative. Michelle’s parents are Ken and Lori Pederson of Hayward.

Michelle has three siblings and is close to all of them: Ryan Pederson, Erica Salsbury and Karie Lobits. Both Ryan and Karie live in Hayward as well.


Talk about growing up around here and your best memories of that.

“Growing up in the Northwoods was a treat to me. Best times were taking trips out to my Grandpa and Grandma Pederson’s house out on Tiger Cat Road and all my aunts and uncles and cousins would be there. All us kids would play for hours as the adults gathered in the kitchen and cooked and played games.

“I also grew up at the Seeley ballpark. My dad played for the Seeley Loggers for a few years and we would camp and travel and cook out with all the locals and other families of teammates. I would have to say that was the greatest part of my childhood.

“Hayward is my hometown. I grew up learning to hunt and fish as far back as I can remember. My dad would always take me in the woods and teach me how to look for spots and signs of deer. He would take me fishing where both times he happened to be with me as I caught my biggest walleyes at 27 inches and 27½ inches. 

“I also logrolled for seven years at the Lumberjack Bowl, a very popular attraction in the Hayward community. If you have young kids I highly recommend getting them involved in that. It was a great summer activity to do and to be a part of during the big show.

“There truly isn’t any other place I’d rather be.”


What are the jobs and careers you’ve pursued in this area?

“Living way out of town by Upper A, I was offered a bartending/cooking position at this beautiful spot out on Lost Land Lake, called Reel Livin’ Resort and Campground. I had never heard of it. So I go out to meet the owners and the drive was breathtaking. The bar/lodge had big windows facing the water — and who wouldn’t want to look at that every day? I cooked and tended bar and met amazing people there. I still go out there today to eat a good burger and look at the bay. 

A Senior Resource position came to me through a friend. She knew I liked the office setting — if nobody knows me I’m a big computer geek. So she told me to come in. I did and two days later I was hired as their secretary. My jobs there included answering and transferring phone calls, dispatching the Senior Center bus, handling mail and help with accounting. After my year there I was offered the administrative secretary position there. 

I loved working there. I worked there with my sister, Karie Lobitz, and it was hard to leave when I was offered a position at the Sawyer County Courthouse as deputy register of deeds. I started here April 22 and I work with a really great team of ladies. I record deeds and handle marriage, birth and death records. I help people with land records and deeds to property, and I answer phones and help answer any questions they might have. 

I also bartend at the Twin Lakes Tap on my days off at the courthouse. Dan and Jen Palmer, who own the business, are some of the best people to work for. The atmosphere is welcoming with friendly people and just all-around good time.“


What’s the best part of your life?

“My daughters. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for them. Brooklyn (15) is going into 10th grade this school year and Makenna (13) is going into 8th grade. They love hunting and fishing with me and their grandparents, and they participate in the school choir and band. We also just recently purchased a house of our own that we plan on working on together. It needs some updating but it is perfect for us. So I would have to say those are the two best things about my life right now.”


Your hobbies, what you like to do in your off time?

My hobbies mainly consist of hunting and fishing. I bow and rifle hunt and I prefer ice fishing before summer fishing, but give me a pole and bobber and I’m in heaven. I also do some wood burning projects for family and people who ask. In my time off I love to be with family and friends. Whether we are at the lake, camping or sitting around the fire, I love relaxing and enjoying good company.”


What are your goals for the future?

“My goals are to succeed no matter what life throws at me. I work hard for the things I want and I just keep pushing myself for them every day.”

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