The major league baseball season has inched past the halfway mark and the trade deadline is fast approaching. Teams that are in playoff contention will be looking to bolster their rosters by picking up key players from the non-contenders. The question has been floated, could the Milwaukee Brewers be sellers rather than buyers at the deadline?

When I posed that question to the Magic 8 Ball, the response came up, “ask again later.” If Brewers’ President of Baseball Operations David Stearns makes any moves, it would likely be after next week’s All-Star game. The Brewers stumbled through the first half of the season with lousy starting pitching and an inconsistent offense. Still, they’ve been in or near first place up to this point.

If that continues they would likely be buyers, or as the 8 Ball said, “signs point to yes.” There is a sticking point, however. The Brewers don’t have a lot of trade chips in their minor league system, so what would the chances be of pulling off a major deal? Again, we conferred with the 8 Ball and got this reply: “Don’t count on it.”

The Brewers might be able to add some bullpen help, but a deal for a front line starting pitcher appears to be out of the question.

Maybe the Brewers go last year’s route again and try and add some offense, possibly at first base. Again we went to the 8 Ball for the answer and we got, “Reply hazy, try again.” OK, that’s enough of the 8 Ball. 

Time will tell if Stearns has any moves up his sleeve; the deadline is July 31. One thing is certain, if the Brewers’ pitching doesn’t improve and the offense stays inconsistent, there will be no baseball for Milwaukee come October.


Chin music . . . 

Yahoo Sports is out with their list of the best fans in the NFL. The survey was based on merchandise sales, followers on social media, and fan support on the road. Believe it or not, Dallas came in No. 1, followed by New England in second place. The Green Bay Packers were the highest ranked NFC North team in sixth place overall, the Bears were 8th, Detroit at 22 and the Minnesota Vikings 24th. Those ratings should start some good bar arguments.

Linebacker Malik Reed of Chandler, Arizona, is the latest Wisconsin football commitment for the class of 2020. He’s a three-star prospect and chose “Bucky” over offers from Nebraska, Arizona, UCLA, Purdue, Washington State and Oregon State and others.

There certainly were no complaints from the players on the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox about the recent series in London. Every player on both rosters received a $60,000 bonus just for making the trip. Nice work if you can get it.

A new report says that 49% of Americans under age 35 have a “side hustle,” you know, a second job to help make ends meet. Really, only one extra job?

The crazy stuff that’s been going on with the New York Mets this season wouldn’t even happen in a fantasy camp. From the agent-turned-general manager to the field manager who asks the media for advice, the Mets are a joke. They haven’t been this entertaining since their early years when Casey Stengel was in charge.

Vegas likes the Wisconsin Badgers again this year in the Big Ten west, but with stiff competition from Nebraska. Badger tailback Jonathon Taylor is also listed as a front-runner for the Heisman Trophy.

The Oakland Raiders’ new billion-dollar stadium in Las Vegas will also play host to college football’s Las Vegas Bowl, which will feature a Big Ten team every other year. The game will also move from the first Saturday of bowl season to just after Christmas.

From Facebook: For those worried about Alexa listening to everything that we say, they should just make a male version. Then it wouldn’t listen to anyone.

Major League Baseball has troubles as we hit the halfway point of the season. There is only one divisional race worth watching and average attendance is down to just 27,600 per game a drop of 1,000 from a year ago.

The NFL season is still two months away, but watch things in Minnesota closely this season. There’s already heat on Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, and if the purple people miss the playoffs again it’s almost a slam dunk Zimmer will be gone.

Tampa Bay is trying anything they can to get some fannies in the seats at Tropicana Field. The Rays are selling $2 tickets for a series against Baltimore. Baseball needs to get out of Florida except for spring training.

And finally, 10 states are suing to try and stop the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. Can you sue me now?

And there you have it!

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