Is the ugly truth about why the city refuses to repave West Guard Street because the people living on the street are elderly, assisted living and low income? Will the city begin neglecting these individuals in other parts of Hayward as well? Are you next?

The part of the street that needs repaving isn’t as long as a football field. Perhaps the city planners don’t think it is significant enough to be counted as a city street. It is shameful the city finds other things to do with the money they have instead of fixing what they destroyed.

The dust has been horrendous. It wafts 40 feet into the air and lingers. The city doesn’t care we can’t enjoy the property we pay taxes on. We don’t have air conditioning and can’t open our windows for fresh air.

How would you feel breathing dust for years? Do you think the greedy city will lower the taxes on our property we cannot use? This would be remedied if the city would repair the street.

The City Council’s lack of response and disrespect to my suggestion of closing this portion of the road until they “find” money to repair the street is disgusting.


Debra Rankin


Editor’s Note: See City Council story this week. Council has approved paving the road. 

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