I am a veteran who served in World War II and prepared for the U.S. invasion of Japan. June 6, 1944 was the American invasion of Europe, 75 years ago. I had just graduated from Chetek High School. 

By March 1945 I was at Fort McClellan, Alabama, receiving training for military combat and ended up going, via ship, to the Philippines for the invasion of Japan. 

On Aug. 6 1945, President Harry Truman authorized dropping the first atomic bomb on Japan, leading to the Japanese surrender. 

I stayed in the Philippines and transferred to Guam. The war ended and I moved back to the United States for my military discharge in November 1946. 

Now, at age 92, I am one of the few World War II veterans still living. I receive full medical coverage from the Veteran’s Administration, all from former military service of World War II when I was 18 -19 years old. 


John Fostvedt


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