The author with a Dominique pullet.

Folks who have dedicated their lives to sustainable, biodynamic, regenerative agriculture certainly aren’t in it for the amassing of monetary or material wealth. They’re not in it for prestige or awards any of the numerous ways industrialized society has conditioned us to believe marks the achievement of success. They are in it because they love it — love the land, the plants, the animals; they love nurturing growing things and bringing food to tables that are literally the fruits of their purposeful labor.

Sir Ken Robinson, bastion of education reform to encourage creativity and self actualization, gave a lecture in January that focused on how people and societies flourish when we can each be in our element — living out our passions and doing the things we love. In it, he offered, “You know you’re doing what you love when an hour feels like five minutes, and you’re doing something for which you are completely disengaged when five minutes feel like an hour.” You can find the talk at

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