Ya gotta love your ducks!

It’s been relentlessly hot on the farm for well over a week, with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s. That’s perfect weather for jumping into the lake, but on the farm the work carries on without the lakeside reprieve. And while we can duck into the AC of Farmstead to cool off, the animals are still outside and need extra care to make it through the sweltering weather.

While I’m feeling rivers running down my back and beads forming on my face as I lug 50-pound bags of feed for morning chores, the pigs are baking because they can only sweat off the tip of their nose. That’s not enough to cool off a pig! So, we run sprinklers to create muddy spots called “wallers” for them to roll in and cool off. They love sinking into the mud like piggy hippos, rolling and grunting.

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