Our newest chalkboard sign, greeting visitors at the front door of Farmstead Creamery.

As November begins, it can feel like the days are just flying past. Winter’s approach, with its darkness and cold, can set off a cascade of grumpiness and wanting to hole up under a blanket and hibernate until it’s over. But when you live this far north, the episode of winter can well be half of the calendar year, so there must be a better way for surviving, even thriving through wintertime.

Scandinavia has long had to find its winterer’s spirit, living even farther north on this planet than Wisconsin. The Danes coined their own term for happy winter-making: hygge (said “hoo-ga”), which roughly translates as “comfort.” Stereotyped as candles and cozy interiors, hygge is actually an entire lifestyle choice that meets the challenges of seasonal affective disorder head-on.

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