Even though five persons spoke during public comments on Tuesday night, Nov. 15 to encourage the county to give $10,000 more to the Sherman and Ruth Weiss Community Library, the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors voted 12-1 to stick with the budget presented during the Oct. 20 Budget Hearing allocating $200,000 to the library instead of the $210,000 the library had requested.

When Sawyer County Director of Finance Michael Markgren gave the 2023 Administrator’s Budget prior to a public hearing on Thursday, Oct. 20, he had only allocated $200,000 instead of $210,000 that had been given in 2022 noting that for the 2022 budget a donor had stepped up with $10,000 matching funds but that donor had not made a matching gift in 2023 so he had lowered the county’s contribution back to $200,000.

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