Thirty-nine two-angler teams had some success fishing Big Round and Little Round Lakes during the 10th annual Round Lakes Open hosted by the Hayward Bass Club Sunday, June 23. 

The tournament headquarters was at Props Landing Waterfront Grille, where 200 people watched the weigh-in at 4 p.m.  Twenty-four of the 39 teams weighed 112 bass, including 87 largemouth and 25 smallmouth totaling 267.79 pounds for a 2.39 pound per fish average.

The Big Bass of the Day was a 5.12-pound smallmouth entered by Ken Milender of Hayward.

Fishing conditions were pleasant in the morning, but rounds of heavy rain persisted all afternoon. Even with the showers, winds remained fairly light, and forecast thunderstorms did not materialize, allowing the tournament to run the entire eight hours uninterrupted. 

Both the largemouth and smallmouth were post-spawn and hadn’t yet moved into their summer patterns. Although the frontal conditions complicated the fishing and affected the bite, many teams figured out effective patterns and scored well.

The 78 anglers on 39 teams competed in the tournament, including some experienced big-tournament anglers, many mid-level competitors, some novices, and a few first-time tourney goers.

“The HBC prides itself on running clean and friendly tournaments and events with conservation a priority,” said Wayne Balsavich, club president. “Of the 112 fish that were weighed, all were released alive and healthy.”

He thanked the tournament host, Props Landing and Waterfront Grille, with its large dock space and availability of food and refreshments outdoors. The HBC also thanked Grand Pines Resort and the Best family for their support of the event. 

The tournament raised $390 in holdback money, which will be used to help fund HBC’s 11th annual Youth Bass Tournament on the Chippewa Flowage on Aug. 25.


Leader Board

First: Ken Milender (Hayward) and Byron Milender (Savage, Montana). Two smallmouth, three largemouth, 15.00 pounds.

Second:  Steve Constant (New Richmond) and Cruz Constantineau (youth family member Kansas City, Missouri). Two smallmouth, three largemouth, 14.60 pounds.

Third: Todd Larsen and Jill Radmanovich (Somerset). Two smallmouth, three largemouth, 14.41 pounds.

Fourth: Mike and Paige Best (Cable), two smallmouth, three largemouth, 13.86 pounds.

Fifth: Jason Slagstad and Nick Gifford (Cameron) two smallmouth, three largemouth, 13.51 pounds.

Sixth: Jordan Kust and Lindsay Kettenhoven (Clintonville), one smallmouth, four largemouth, 13.40 pounds.

Seventh: Dax Szega (Chetek) and Chad Ducommun (Gilman), two smallmouth, three largemouth,  12.66 pounds.

Eighth: Hayden and Craig Anderson (Poplar), two smallmouth, three largemouth, 12.31 pounds.

Ninth: John Prickette (Hayward) and Mychaela Best (Cable), two smallmouth, three largemouth, 11.80 pounds

10th: John Blunk (Aurora, Illinois) and Louis Henk (Hayward). Five largemouth, 11.20 pounds.

11th: Preston Johnson and Brad Doll (Hayward), one smallmouth, four largemouth, 11.19 pounds.

12th: Bran Kearn (Forest Lake, Minnesota) and Randy Stewart (Hayward), one smallmouth, four largemouth, 11.05 pounds.

Biggest bass: Ken Milender (Hayward), 5.12 pound smallmouth.

Second biggest bass: Tie between the teams of Mike and Paige Best (Cable) and Jason Slagstad and Nick Gifford (Cameron) each weighing in a 4.28 pound smallmouth.

Biggest largemouth: Todd Coombs and Matt Scholzen (Shell Lake), 3.78 pounds.

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