Editor: I can no longer be quiet. I am sick and tired of people, especially elected officials and now those running for office, believing and spreading the nonsense that the 2020 election was stolen, that the vote can still be decertified. It can’t. Donald lost. Get over it!

I am a poll worker, I have registered people to vote, and I have watched the audit of a town’s machine after the 2020 presidential election. The vote was not stolen, the fraudulent voters were minimal, not near the numbers needed to change the vote in this state. The people who run the elections have been trained and believe in the a fair and accurate vote. There must be a public viewing of the election machine getting ready for voting day, public notice of that date will be posted at your town hall and perhaps this paper. Go to it if you have questions, do not spread lies and doubts, do not listen to people who are trying to make us believe our elections are unsafe.

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