A lawsuit has been filed by 12 states to stop President Joe Biden from imposing new regulations based on the phony Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) because they claim it will “destroy jobs, stifle energy production, suppress agriculture, deter innovation and impoverish working families.” The basis for the SCC is a computer model that goes out 300 years to estimate the supposed economic damage due to minor emissions of carbon dioxide. The absurdity of embracing a new computer model as a realistic vision of projections that go 300 years into the future shows how far the climate alarmists will go to frighten the public into accepting their phony climate hysteria.

Three hundred years ago George Washington wasn’t even born. Our country wasn’t even founded yet. Even though we have computers today we are no closer to predicting the future in 300 years than anyone could have predicted the future in 1721. Many computer models claims by Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” 30 years ago have been falsified in the real world. By now we were supposed to be experiencing a 6-degreee rise in average temps. How is it looking? About a 1-degree rise and largely holding. Remember, the world has naturally warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age to the present. New York City was supposed to be under water by now and Miami disappeared because of the polar ice caps melting.

The SCC needs to be stopped. Only Congress, not the president through executive orders, has the authority to adopt measures that would drastically change our freedoms and liberties. This measure is an attack on natural gas, a war on cows and dairy products and gasoline. The Social Cost approach will have a tremendously adverse effect on the American people. Let Sen. Tammy Baldwin know you are not in favor of new carbon taxes or trillion-dollar regulatory costs based on unrealistic computer models. Let’s use our resources wisely, conserve energy but let’s have a reasonable approach to providing for our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Arnie Grunwald


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