The saying “It takes a village…” was on display in Hayward this past weekend. The Hayward Chamber of Commerce hosted the traditional Musky Fest. Volunteers in the hot orange T-shirts were seen on the downtown streets making sure all was well with the many vendors and events. As a business owner, we heard only positive comments about the event and how good it felt to be out and about doing a ‘normal’ event.

Musky Fest offers area non profits the chance to share their message and to raise monies to accomplish their goals. The NHS mission is to help animals in need. To do this fundraising is essential. One of our annual events is our Cash Raffl. We sell tickets at during Musky Fest, Fall Fest and Cranberry Fest and at the Shelter. The drawing for the cash raffle is October 4, 2022. Our thanks to our Shelter Manager and raffle coordinator Alecia Austin and her team which included Kim Kral, Susan Sams, Diane Kline, Sue Kline, Robin Kozitzka, Jamie Rothfuss and Lynne Schriner. Their efforts raised $2758. Thank you to all of the ticket purchasers.

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