For those who live in the Winter area, the first eight months of 2019 have been record-breaking for precipitation, with 33.08 inches recorded so far this year compared to the previous record of 33.07 inches set in 1968 for the period from Jan. 1 to Sept. 10.

The normal Winter area precipitation total for the eight-month period is 23.52 inches, or 9.56 inches less than this year’s total, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Online Weather Data (NOWData).

For those living in the Hayward area, the NOWData has recorded cumulative precipitation of about six inches less than the record for the eight-month period. Through Sept. 4, the area has received 27.86 inches for 2019; the record is 34.51 inches in 1954.

The normal total for Hayward Area precipitation for the eight-month period is 21.57 inches, or 6.29 inches less than this year’s total.

However, data for the Hayward area is incomplete, as the last entry was recorded on Sept. 4. For those four days in September, Hayward received 1.90 inches compared to a normal of .77 inches.

The Spooner Ag Research Station in Washburn County recorded 23.76 inches for the eight months, or slightly above its normal reading of 22.48 inches for the same period.

The Clam Lake area to the north and east in Ashland County for the first eight months recorded 29.35 inches. NOWData does not have a normal for Clam Lake, but notes its highest recorded was 37.03 inches in 2016 and lowest 20.53 inches in 2015.

Winter area month by month

In the eight-month period for the Winter area, there were four months with precipitation totals noticeably higher than the normal:

• February recorded 3.62 inches versus its normal of .84 inches. (February also set a snowfall record of 39 inches.)

• May recorded 5.57 inches versus a normal of 3.49 inches.

• July recorded 6.24 inches versus a normal of 4.59 inches.

• August recorded 5.11 inches versus a normal of 3.79 inches.

Just for those four months, there was 7.83 more inches of rain than normal. April and June totals were slightly above normal and January and March were slightly lower than normal.

Hayward area month by month

During the first eight months of 2019, two months in the Hayward area were well above normal:

• April recorded 5.39 inches; the normal is 2.80 inches.

• May recorded 6.37 inches; the normal is 3.27 inches.

Adding the April and May totals (11.76 inches) against the normal (6.07 inches), 5.69 inches more rain fell during those two months than in a normal year.

Other months with above normal precipitation included February (.67 inches; a record 33.4 inches of snow also was set) and June (.64 inches).

Four months recorded precipitation totals that were slightly lower than normal: January, .59 inches lower; March, .92 inches lower; July, .21 inches lower; and August, .51 inches lower.

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