HMS girls place at Spooner

Hayward Middle School medal winners at the Spooner Cross-Country Invitational girls race included Lola Olsen (left), sixth; Maria Halberg (second from left), fifth; and Harper Sheehan (third from right), third. The other girls pictured are from other teams.

The Hayward Middle School girls excelled at the Spooner Cross-Country Invitational Thursday, Sept. 3, finishing second out of 11 teams.

The girls team was led by seventh grader Harper Sheehan, who again crossed the line third in 12:11. Close behind were eighth grader Maria Halberg, who finished fifth in 12:15, and eighth grader Lola Olsen, who finished sixth in 12:18.

“Kelsey Carothers (7th) and Cecelia Toshner (6th) ran fantastic races” and rounded out the top five scorers for Hayward, said Coach Christine Hill.

The Hayward Middle School boys finished in the middle of the pack with a sixth place finish. The team was led by seventh graders Karl Nelson and Hael Dums, who had another photo finish, placing 11th and 12th, respectively, in 11:23.4 and 11:23.5. Christian Larson (7th) had a strong race, pushing through a tough boys field of 114 runners in 12:16, Hill said.

Parker Gerber (5th) and Daniel Paquin (7th) were the fourth and fifth scoring runners with strong performances.

“This team works so hard to improve, and I expect to see big gains as we work our way through the season,” the coach added. “We are off to Superior on Thursday, Sept. 9, on a slightly longer 3K course. It will be a good challenge.”

Middle school girls

Team scores: Frederic-Luck, 55; Hayward, 70; Spooner, 90; Ashland, 99; Northwestern, 132; Webster, 135; Unity, 196; Cumberland, 221; Grantsburg, 224; Shell Lake, 227; Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, 290.

Top finisher: Hattie Antonich, Frederic-Luck, 10:59.

Hayward finishers: Harper Sheehan third, 12:11; Maria Halberg fifth, 12:15; Lola Olsen sixth, 12:18; Kelsey Carothers 27th, 14:00; Cecelia Toshner 32nd, 14:20; Evelyn Morse 33rd, 14:23; Savannah Harris 54th, 15:56.

Middle school boys

Team scores: Shell Lake 52, Spooner 88, Frederick-Luck 97, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 111, Ashland 124, Hayward 133, Northwestern 169, Cumberland 175, Grantsburg 190, Unity 265, Webster 267.

Top finisher: Theo Kohl, Spooner, 10:23.

Hayward finishers: Karl Nelson 11th, 11:23.4; Hael Dums 12th, 11:23.5; Christian Larson 28th, 12:16; Parker Gerber 37th, 12:36; Daniel Paquin 45th, 13:09; Hunter Kirchner 67th, 14:59; Jack McCallum 69th, 15:08.

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