I am a note jotter. I forget things that seem important if I don’t write them down. Just by putting them on paper I remember them better. Also, if I don’t misplace the paper, It may be found when I most need it. Besides grocery lists and things to do, I copy down scriptures and quotes as well.

I know it is a bit “old school.” I tried two years ago to use my phone to keep my schedules and lists. It lasted almost six months until I went back to paper. I thought I would look cool as I used my phone and people saw me putting things in and looking things up. Even so, my typing skills were never good and the keys are just too small to make my typing fast and legible. 

Thus, I try to always have some paper and a pen near me to jot things down. Pieces get tucked in my calendar book, notebooks, books I’m reading, or in numerous piles on my church or home desks. So it was as I pondered what to write an article about that I came upon a phrase that I heard somewhere, that has been coming back for me to ponder for a while.

“It is love that ties us to heaven.” 

It seems pretty simple at first reading. Of course, that is true. God ties us to heaven with His everlasting love. A love that we can take for granted because it is always there for us, just like the air we breathe, which many of us use without a thought.

Yet one of the things I have learned to do is to turn the phrase around to get another perspective. It does not say “It is love that ties heaven to us.” What it says is that “it is the love that ties us to heaven.” How does that make it different? Well, it is God that first brought us the love, and that will always be there. Even so, it is up to us to accept and acknowledge God’s love for us to connect with God.

Well, mostly I can say that I do that. Except for the times I don’t understand what God is up to and I blame God for the way things are going; or the times I decide that my way is better; or occasionally when I step out of the bounds of where God would have me be. (Yes, even Pastor’s sin . . .) We all miss the mark of perfection. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians 3:12, “Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”

Sometimes my tie to heaven is not with a strong rope, as I have weakened the tie. Yet I know that I have to press on, aiming for the mark God has set for me. My mind wanders; I know that there are many who haven’t pondered all of this and may not know that they need to connect the tie in the first place. So the next question is, how do I help secure the tie to Heaven for others?

Do you have people around you, in your family, in your life whom you believe are not well connected to their Creator? Maybe the solution is the simplest part. We need to show them our love and tell them where our love originated. God loves us, so we love others. In that way, as they learn to love, they learn how to start tying a stronger bond with God.

Loving others who may not know love can be difficult work, but the most rewarding. 

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