In collaboration with the statewide celebration of the Wisconsin Science Festival Oct. 15-18, the Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library will hold a virtual event at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15.

A Zoom event titled “A Deer Nerd Looks at Wolf Hunting” will be presented by Badger Talk speaker Tim Van Deelen, assistant professor with the Forest and Wildlife Ecology Department at UW-Madison. Those wishing to participate should call the library at (715) 634-2161 to register and to receive the link for the Zoom event.

Van Deelen has worked as a researcher with several conservation agencies in the Great Lakes region. His teaching and research focus on the conservation, management and ecology of large mammals in the Great Lakes region, with a special emphasis on white-tailed deer and wolves. He advises natural resource agencies on policies that affect populations of large mammals.

He will discuss the controversies surrounding the conservation in Wisconsin of white-tailed deer and wolves, which have impacted the development of wildlife management as a scientific discipline and have become a lightning rod for political influence. Professor Van Deelen will explore the issues from the point of view of a deer hunter and an academic specialist in the biology and management of deer.

A science festival for everyone

Now in its 10th year, the 2020 Wisconsin Science Festival ( features events throughout Wisconsin for people of all ages. Activities include hands-on science experiments, live Q&A sessions and interviews with scientists, demonstrations, performances, behind-the-scenes tours and more. Most venues are offering online or at-home events.

Teachers and school districts are encouraged to preregister to participate in our virtual field trip live sessions with scientists covering a wide variety of topics. Don’t miss a chance to take a virtual tour of an historic site in Superior, create an apple volcano, learn about the 100-plus types of soil in Waukesha County or talk with a naturalist about moths.

Join the Weiss Community Library for the annual local Wisconsin Science Fest programs on Oct. 15. For more information, call library or email

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