The daily update of COVID-19 cases provided online by Sawyer County Public Health on Thursday morning, May 21, reveals three more positive cases have been detected in the county.

Sawyer County COVID-19 Statistics include 7 positives, up from 4 recorded on Tuesday, May 10.

Of the 7 positives, three have recovered.

The data also shows that 611 have tested negative.

So far, nearly 4 percent of the county’s 17,000 residents have been tested for COVID-19

Sawyer County Public Health noted the three positives were the result of mass testing in the Village of Winter (102 tested) on Thursday, May 14, and in the City of Hayward (262 tested) on Friday, May 15.

The testing actually revealed five positives, but just three were Sawyer County residents. Two are from other counties, but the counties are not identified.

“This is a good reminder that people either work or travel here from outside the area,” was noted on the web page.

Sawyer County Public Health also identified that two of those who tested positive had no symptoms or were asymptomatic.

From the web page: “It is sometimes easy to forget that you could have COVID-19 and not even know it. This is why face coverings and good hand washing are so important.”

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