Amy Suzan

Amy Suzan of Hayward set six state records and won two first-place medals at the Aug.21 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) competition in Maplewood, Minnesota, called the Masters Brawl.

Amy Suzan, 44, of Hayward broke six records Aug. 21 at the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) competition in Maplewood, Minnesota, called the Masters Brawl, a competition specifically for those competing who are over 40 years old.

She also won two first-place medals.

In a full power lifting competition there are three lifts, the back squat, bench press and the dead lift. A participant has three attempts per lift and is judged on each lift.

Suzan’s goal was to break the back-squat record for the state of Wisconsin, which was set at 237 pounds. She needed to beat that number (in kilograms) and lift 242.5 pounds. On her last attempt she successfully completed the lift and took the state record.

For the day, Suzan broke six records: one for back squat, one for total points lifted in a meet, and four for the bench press. She broke all five of her own previous state records.

She was able to take four bench press records: two in the younger age division and two in her current age division in the single lift and full (three lift) meet categories.

Her max bench that day was 176.4 pounds and her dead lift was 303.1 pounds.

Suzan came home with two first-place medals in each category in the 69k weight class as she signed up for the Bench Only and Full Raw three lift competitions.

Suzan now holds all of the Wisconsin state records for her age and weight class, with a combined total of 14 current state records. The records held are in the 63k and 69k weight class and Masters 1a and 1b age division.

Suzan has been powerlifting since 2017 and has competed at numerous events and was invited to be on the USA Masters Bench Press National Teams in the raw and equipped divisions at the Worlds Championship in 2020, but due to COVID-19 it was canceled.

She took two silver medals at Nationals this year in June, but due to a disagreement between USAPL and International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), USAPL athletes were unable to participate. IPF suspended USAPL (USA athletes) for one year due to conducting too many drug tests at the local level. IPF demanded USAPL comply with its rules and conduct drug testing through its system, which would severely limit USAPL’s drug testing, a request that USAPL declined in order to keep a clean platform at all levels.

The future of USAPL being able to compete at a world level is unknown. Suzan is determined to compete at a powerlifting world event and is researching other drug-tested leagues to be able to participate.

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