On Thursday, June 11, Hayward Chief of Police Joel Clapero offered the following statement to the Sawyer County Record regarding the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was killed on May 25 while being detained by City of Minneapolis Police officers:

“Instances of police brutality and misconduct do exist in our country. The most recent tragedy in Minneapolis does make me aware of my responsibilities as a law enforcement leader. It is the responsibility of all law enforcement leaders to hold ourselves and our officers accountable. We must work closer with our communities to develop a justice system that serves all Americans equally.

“The actions of the officers in question are not attributed to everyone who wears a police uniform. We must now work to regain the trust of the public. To regain that trust we must be sincere, patient and empathetic when carrying out the duties of our profession.

“The City of Hayward Police Department will continue to work hard, to provide absolute impartial service to the law, regardless of race, gender or status by offering individual service and friendship to members of the community and by offering individual sacrifice in protecting life and property.”

Joel P. Clapero

Chief of Police

City of Hayward

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