Map of confirmed COVID-19 cases, April 25

Monday morning, April 27, The Sawyer County Public Health‘s web page noted a third positive case of COVID-19 for the county.

The previous day, April 26, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) listed three positives on its countywide list for Sawyer County.

Sawyer County Public Health Officer Julia Lyons did not confirm the identify of the third positive.

However, the third is believed to be Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley, a registered nurse from the Hayward who worked 21 days in a Brooklyn, New York, hospital intensive care unit with seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

Riley returned to the Hayward area on Thursday, April 23, and then has quarantined at a remote cabin in Sawyer County. She was tested Friday and the result was returned within 24 hours on Saturday, April 25.

Riley told Facebook friends on Saturday she had tested positive for COVID-19 and she confirmed with the Record on Sunday, April 26. On Tuesday morning, Riley posted that she had gone to the hospital on Monday because her oxygen level dropped. (A more in-depth story on Riley’s experience appears in this edition of the Record.)

On its web page Tuesday morning, April 28, the Sawyer County Public Health continued to note 3 positive cases and 245 negatives.

The previous week no new COVID-19 cases had been identified.


Those who develop a fever, cough or shortness of breath, should call the Sawyer County COVID-19 Screening Hotline at (715) 934-4518, 7 days a week from 9a.m.-4 p.m.

An appointment will be schedule for curbside testing.

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