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New world champions crowned at the Bowl

Several athletes won their first-ever titles following the final day of intense competition before a large and enthusiastic crowd at the 60th annual Lumberjack World Championships (LWC) Saturday, Aug. 3, at Lumberjack Bowl in Hayward.

A near-full stadium of spectators cheered the athletes in Saturday's finals, including many people who were visiting the championships for the first time. Dark thunderstorm clouds loomed to the north as the opening ceremonies approached, but the clouds split up and moved away to the east as a rainbow formed to the north of Lake Hayward.

Overall, the weather was near-perfect for all three days of competition, warm in the daytime but cooling off during the evening professional events.

Matt Cogar from Diana, West Virginia, won his second Tony Wise All-Around Men's Champion title, his first all-around title coming in 2016. This year, he won the standing chop and underhand chop on the way to claiming the 2019 title. He teamed with Jason Lentz to win this year's double buck sawing event.

Martha King of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, won her first Tony Wise All-Around Women's Champion title, which included first-place finishes in both the underhand chop and single-buck sawing events.

King followed in her father's footsteps by competing with the Penn State collegiate Woodsmen team from 2007-09 and began competing professionally in 2013. She works as a sales manager for a specialty hardwoods lumber company in Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Anthony Polentini of Hartland, Wisconsin, won his first men's elite logrolling championship, defeating last year's champion and his training partner, Tanner Hallett of Oconomowoc, three falls to one in the finals — which took place on Polentini's 18th birthday.

Winning her second consecutive women's elite logrolling championship was Livi Pappadopolous of Holmen. She defeated Ellie Davenport of Hudson three falls to one in the finals. Pappadopolous received her trophy from Marlys Hodd, who founded the first logrolling school at Lumberjack Bowl in 1968.

Abby Hoeschler Delaney of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, won her fourth women's boom running championship, after missing last year due to pregnancy. Her time was just 5/100th of a second ahead of the second-place time of defending champion Meredith Ingbretson.

Charlie Fenton from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, claimed his fourth men's boom running title in a time of 13.09 seconds in Saturday's finals, less than a second off Will Hoeschler's eight-year-old world record of 12.266.

Caleb Graves of Seymour, Tennessee, won his first speed climbing titles, claiming first place in both the 60-foot and 90-foot climbs in only his second year of competing.

Mike Sullivan, age 60, from Colebrook, Connecticut, won his ninth hot saw championship. ship.

"I love coming to this show. I've been coming here for 36 years," he said. "I want to win one more (hot saw title) to match Sven Johnson's 10 wins before the end of my career."

David Jewett from Pittsford, New York, teamed with Lindsay Daun from Round Lake, Illinois, to win their eighth consecutive and ninth overall Jack and Jill cross-cut sawing world championship in 7.53 seconds—1.53 seconds off their world record.

After furiously sawing through a 20-inch white pine log, Jewett and Daun screamed and jumped up and down when they found out they had won. They used the same 15-year-old crosscut saw, made by J.P. Mercier from Quebec, to win all

nine titles.

Erin LaVoie of Spokane, Washington, and Kate Witkowski of Hayward teamed up to win the Jill and Jill crosscut sawing event in 10.68 seconds.

Other winners at this year's LWC included Australian Lawrence O'Toole Jr. in the springboard chop, and Californian Nate Hodges in the men's single-buck crosscut sawing.

This was the second year that the Lumberjack World Championships were managed by the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF).

"It was a great event," said Executive Director Ben Popp. "Mother Nature blessed us with wonderful weather. We had a great competition and wonderful partners. The entire community and volunteers came out to make it a memorable event that we're excited about continuing to grow.

"We know that lots of people from all over the country come to partake in the event," Popp said. "Next year we will continue to increase the family activities and live music on the grounds to make it a festival and celebration of timber sports here in northern Wisconsin.

"We're excited and looking forward to it. Even the Lumberjack Run" on Saturday had record numbers of participants, Popp said.

Ken Boness of Park Falls, a writer for the Timber Professionals Association of Wisconsin and Michigan and Timber West magazine of Washington state, attended his 20th LWC. He said it "was great. We had great weather, great competition. There were so many photo finishes."

Final results

Tony Wise All-around Men's Champion: Matt Cogar, Grafton, West Virginia, 169 points; Lawrence O'Toole, Doncaster, Australia, 132; Cassidy Scheer, Golden Valley, Minnesota, 131; Jason Lentz, Diana, West Virginia, 121; Nate Hodges, North Fork, California, 109; David Jewett, Pittsford, New York, 99; Caleb Graves, Seymour, Tennessee, 98.5.

Tony Wise All-around Women's Champio: Martha King, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, 94 points; Erin LaVoie, Spokane, Washington, 91; Kate Witkowski, Hayward, 88; Stephanie Naud, Brigham, Quebec, 87; Lindsay Daun, Round Lake, Illinois, 68; Nancy Zalewski, Manitowoc, 66.

Hot Saw: First, Mike Sullivan, Colebrook, Connecticut, 6.91 seconds; second, Calvin Willard, Barnet, Vermont, 7.32; third, Lawrence O'Toole, 7.38; fourth, Matthew Cogar, 7.51; fifth, Benjamin Marshall, Hudson, New Hampshire, 7.71.

Standing Chop: First, Matthew Cogar, 20.88 seconds; second, Dale Beams, Tasmania, Australia, 21.94; third, Lawrence O'Toole, 22.37; fourth, Nate Hodges, 24.13; fifth, Cassidy Scheer, 24.74; sixth, Walt Page, Tollhouse, California, 25.96.

Women's Single Buck Sawing: First, Martha King, 13.68 seconds; second, Kate Witkowski, 14.02; third, Nancy Zalewski, 14.83; fourth, Erin LaVoie, 15.35; fifth, Stephanie Naud, 15.65; sixth, Tracie Henning, Walworth, New York, 18.78.

Springboard Chop: First, Lawrence O'Toole, 45.38 seconds; second, Matthew Cogar, 55.53; third, Walt Page, 57.8; fourth, Jason Lentz, 1:11.07; fifth, Dale Beams, 1:07.48.

Men's Underhand Chop: First, Matthew Cogar, 19.29 seconds; second, Lawrence O'Toole, 19.61; third, Jason Lentz, 20.07; fourth, Trevor Beaudry, Walpole, New Hampshire, 21.80; fifth, Martin Komarek, Czech Republic, 24.48; sixth, Cassidy Scheer, 25.91.

Double Buck Sawing: First, Jason Lentz and Matthew Cogar, 6.94 seconds; second, Maxime Mercier, Quebec, and Mel Lentz, West Virginia, 7.69; third, Jean Pierre Mercier, Quebec, and David Jewett, 7.86; fourth, Lawrence O'Toole and Nate Hodges, 7.96; fifth, Ben Marshall and Mike Sullivan, 9.14; sixth, Walt Page and Adam LaSalle, Angora, Minnesota, 9.31.

Jack and Jill Sawing: First, David Jewett and Lindsay Daun, 7.53 seconds; second, Jason Lentz and Erin LaVoie, 7.99; third, Maxime Mercier and Stephanie Naud, 8.45; fourth, Matt Cogar and Kate Witkowski, 8.62; fifth, Lawrence O'Toole and Martha King, 8.81; sixth, Shayne and Emma Maxwell, Queensland, Australia, 10.89.

Jill and Jill Sawing: First, Evin LaVoie and Kate Witkowski, 10.68 seconds; second, Tracie Henning and Stephanie Naud, 11.01; third, Denise Ott, Deer River, Minnesota, and Andrea Card, Sevastopol, California, 12.86; fourth, Martha King and Kelly Kerrigan, East Hampton, Connecticut, 12.96; fifth, Amanda Beams, Tasmania, Australia, and Danielle Tkach, Sexmith, Alberta, 14.77; sixth, Lindsay Daun and Nancy Zalewski, 14.87.

Women's Underhand Chop: First, Martha King, 29.10 seconds; second, Stephanie Naud, 31.65; third, Amanda Beams, 31.75; fourth, Erin LaVoie, 36.95; fifth, Nancy Zalewski, 38.41; sixth, Kate Witkowski, 45.13.

Master's Underhand Chop: First, Shayne Maxwell, 1;02.55; second, William Knowles, Gisborne, New Zealand, 1:05.31; third, Dale Beams, 1:13.45; fourth, Warrick Hallett, Glencoe, Minnesota, 1:14.01; fifth, Gus Carlson (age 80), Talmoon, Minnesota, 1:31.32.

Master's Double Buck: First, Dave Stadler, Ashland, and Charles Van Hall, Schuylerville, New York, 21.53 seconds; second, Nancy Zalewski and David Jewett, 21.69; third, Mike Sullivan and Shayne Maxwell, 25.62; fourth, Sheree Taylor, Te Aroha, New Zealand, and Warrick Hallett, 26.98.

60-foot speed climb: First, Caleb Graves, 13.48 seconds; second, Cassidy Scheer, 13.91; third, Thomas Lancaster, Hayward, 16.30; fourth, Andrew Jensen, Frederic, 16.53; fifth, Derek Knutson, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 14.80; sixth, Logan Alden, Federic, 15.84.

90-foot speed climb: First, Caleb Graves, 21.98 seconds; second, Carsen Monaghan, Deming, Washington, 22.44; third, Thomas Lancaster, 24.33; fourth, Cassidy Scheer, 25.40.

Axe Throw: First, Mike Sullivan; second, Matt Cogar; third, Dave Jewett; fourth, Cassidy Scheer.

Relay Event: First, Team Daun (Tom Lancaster, Claudia Duffy, Charlie Fenton, Nate Hodges, Lindsay Daun, Matt Cogar, 1:23:01; second, Team Zalewski (Caleb Graves, Katie Burke, Cameron Pilgreen, Martin Komarek, Nancy Zalewski, Walt Page), 1;32.17.

Water sport events

Men's Boom Run: First, Charlie Fenton, Waupaca, 13.09 seconds; second, Anthony Polentini, Hartland, 13.41; third, Will Hoeschler, New York, New York, 13.73; fourth, Cameron Pilgreen, Watertown, Wisconsin, 16.43.

Women's Boom Run: First, Abby Hoeschler Delaney, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, 15.86 seconds; second, Meredith Ingbretson, Hayward, 15.91; third, Claudia Duffy, Hayward, 16.26; fourth, Gretchen Greene, Madison, 16.37.

Men's Logrolling: First, Anthony Polentini; second, Tanner Hallett, Oconomowoc; third, Thomas Mengwasser, Hartland; fourth, Connor Birdsong, Onalaska.

Women's Logrolling: First, Livi Pappadopolous, Holmen; second, Ellie Davenport, Hudson; third, Emily Christopherson, La Crosse; fourth, Abby Hoeschler Delaney.

U7 boys: First, Garrett Plummer, Grand Marais, Minnesota; second, Nash Focht, Spooner; third, Jax Howe, Stillwater, Minnesota; fourth, Liam Olson, Hayward.

U10 boys: First, Eli Neve, Holmen; second, Ellis Priest, Minneapolis; third, Joe Howe, Stillwater; fourth, Bear Atkinson, Stillwater.

U10 girls: First, Kaarina Dunn, Stoddard; second, Alexis Plummer, Grand Marais; third, Reese Shilts, Cameron; fourth, Julianna Dunn, Stoddard.

U13 boys: First, Nate Olson, Hayward; second, Joey Polentini, Hartland; third, Brode Beckwith, Hayward; fourth, Marcus Heineck, Weston.

U13 girls: First, Allesandra Duclos, Lutsen, Minnesota; second, Libby Magnone, Wauconda, Illinois; third, Aini Anderson, Holmen; fourth, Caroline Horton, Oconomowoc.

U17 boys: First, Dominic Magnone, Wauconda, Illinois; second, Jasper Priest, Minneapolis; third, Sam Polentini, Hartland; fourth, Dominic Wilson, Grand Marais.

U17 girls: First, Claire Keech, Hudson; second, Ella Wedul, Holmen; third, Avery Poppe, Hayward; fourth, Liberty Lundstrom, Lakeland, Minnesota.

Semi Pro Men: First, Berlin Nickerson, Nova Scotia, Canada; second, Konner Merchak, Hudson; third, Brian Joas, Sussex; fourth Masaru Oka, Madison.

Semi Pro Women: First, Madalyn Lyons, Hayward; second, Paige Everson, Grand Marais; third, Emma Magnone, Wauconda, Illinois; fourth, Eva Duffy, Wausau.

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