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Hello, music lovers. Is there still live music out there? Absolutely! You just have to look around to find some. Here’s what I found this week.


Friday, Sept. 18

Boulder lodge House Band, The Boulder Lodge, 5:30 p.m., 462-3002

Orange Sunshine, Paradise Shores 4, 6 p.m., 595-4224

Sam Dusissto, Ted’s Timberlodge, 9 p.m., 595-4424

Saturday, Sept. 19

Crescent Moon, The Sawmill Saloon, 3 p.m., 634-5660

Joey Falch, The Chippewa Inn, 6 p.m., 462-3648

High Octane, The Rivers Edge Saloon, 9 p.m., 634-2631

Whiskey and Topaz, Paul’s Pizza Den, 8 p.m., 354-7058

JFT Lite, Trails End Resort, 3 p.m., 634-2423

Roxie, Birch Lakes Resort, 6 p.m., 354-3880

Shirts and Skins, Ted’s Timberlodge, 4 p.m., 595-4424

Six to Midnight, Ted’s Timberlodge, 9 p.m., 595-4424

2nd Time Around, Whitetail Ridge Campground, 7 p.m., 469-3309

Sunday, Sept. 20

Miss Myra and the Moonshiners, Paradise Shores 4, 1 p.m., 595-4424

That is the column for this week. Try to be a little more wonderful and I’ll catch ‘ya on the flip side.


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