Hello, music lovers, We have made it into another new year so let’s see what’s out there musically.

Friday, Jan. 3

The Boulder Lodge House Band, The Boulder Lodge, 8 p.m., 462-3002

Saturday, Jan. 4

Sean and Ian Okamoto, Lakewoods Resort, 7 p.m., 794-2561

Fiddlefest: Randy Sabien, Kevin McMullen, Molly Otis, Tom Draughon, Joel Glickman, Kathy Brinn, NorthWoods Strings, Carol MacDowell & the 2nd Wind String Band, Beth Allison & the Celtic Connection, Annie and the Oakleys Dance Band, Sonofmel and the Slideman, The Sawmill Saloon, 634-5660

2nd Time Around, Trails End Resort, 8 p.m., 634-2423

Joey Falch, The Chippewa Inn, 6 p.m., 462-3648

Sonofmel, Out of the Woods Winery, 2 p.m., 699-1709

Badge, Ammos Evergreen, 5 p.m., 794-2245

Rattle Can Red, Ted’s Timberlodge, 9 p.m., 595-4424

Tuesday, Jan. 7

Acoustic Jam, Northwoods Vape Escape, 7 p.m., 934-8383

Open Mic, 715 Food and Spirits, 6:30 p.m., 468-1584

That’s what I know. Try to be a better person this year and I'll catch ‘ya on the flip side.

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