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Hello, music lovers. June is here. The music is flowin’ so we'll keep goin’. Here is what I know this week.

Hello, music lovers. Week by week things are coming back to life. Live music is starting to appear again and this is what I know about this week.

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Reposted, Online Survey Question: "Are high gas prices causing you to change your vacation plans?"

A question to Sawyer County Record readers over whether high gas prices are causing them to change their vacation plans. This question was posted last week for to days and then taken down for another poll question, but it has been reposted to allow readers time to respond.

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Hello, music lovers. Start getting your turkeys ready because Thanksgiving is coming up. In the past, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was on…

Hello, music lovers, and welcome to the shortest column I have written since I started writing this column.

Hello, music lovers. It seems with the corona going up, live music is going down. A lot of the venues that have music have stopped and a lot o…

Hello, music lovers. July has passed us by. We’ve had no Musky Fest or Lumberjack Championships this year, but the crowds are still coming. Th…

Hello, music lovers. It’s hard to believe we are already past the summer solstice and bearing down on the Fourth of July quickly. Let’s see wh…

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