The Minneapolis-based rock-soul-rhythm & blues quartet After Memphis returns to Hayward Saturday, Jan. 11, for a 7:30 p.m. show at The Park Center. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Advance tickets at $20 are available at Art Beat in downtown Hayward (cash or check only). Due to technical problems, tickets are currently not available online. Advance tickets also may be reserved by calling the Park Center at (715) 634-4596 and leaving a detailed message, or by emailing the Park at Tickets will be held at the door at the advance price. Tickets at the door are $30.

After Memphis combines the talents of musicians Monaye Love and Jason O’Heron, who bring their individual backgrounds to create music with an Americana sound that encompasses southern-rock, blues-rock and funk. The two core members' wide-ranging musical interests showcase the powerful chemistry and electrifying live show that they've honed through extensive live stage performances, and has been featured on Backroads PBS.

Since the release of their debut EP “Organic Roots,” After Memphis has played many shows in there hometown of Minneapolis, down-south and on the East Coast, and has wowed audiences at such festivals as SXSW, the 10th annual Montauk Music Fest, 8th annual Seafood Fest-Montauk, New York.

O’Heron originally built his guitar reputation playing in several bands before joining forces with Love, the eclectic Minneapolis-bred singer. Together the two started writing and playing live in 2016. The supporting cast is rounded out by versatile drummer Yari Jackson and a backup drummer, Ricky Parker, and bassist Jason Dove.

With their road show, After Memphis continues to expand a gritty musical vision while building their audience one show at a time with a funky, bluesy, Southern-Soul sound. For more information, visit

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