Editor’s note: Following is a fishing report on the Chetek Chain of Lakes, provided by Steve Sedani of Up-Der North Guide Service out of Chetek.

Bluegill anglers are finding the bluegills biting in 7-10 feet of water with some wood and stump structure on the lake bottom in the bays and along the shorelines of the main lakes of the Chetek Chain of Lakes.Anglers are finding that a simple hook and bobber rigs with a worm or chunk of night crawler on the hook is working well for bait and presentation to entice their bite and tug on your bobber.

Crappie anglers are finding that with each drift while fishing the main lakes in water depths ranging 8-14 feet will produce some nice fish for a fish fry while on their fishing vacation on the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Anglers are finding some nice 10-11 inch crappies when drift fishing and vertical jigging their favorite crappie jig tipped with a crappie minnow, waxie or a gulp artificial minnow.

Walleye anglers are finding some biting walleyes when drifting along steep banked shaded shore lines that have a good drop off to them. Anglers fishing with live bait rigs such as a slip bobber rig or a simple No. 4 hook with a 1/4 ounce split shot a foot up from the hook. A 1/8 ounce jig will also work when tipping your hooks with a night crawler or fat head minnow. Early morning and evening hours of the day are best for time of day for them.

Bass anglers are finding some nice bass when fishing the the fallen trees and brush along the shorelines in the bays and on the main lakes of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Flipping a Texas-rigged worm, Sinco or a jig and craw rig along the shore lines fallen trees or dock post in the water you will find bass hanging, waiting to ambush your baits.Anglers will also find the bass in the early morning hours and evening hours of the day chasing and busting minnows on the water surface where they are in the weeds for protection. Small spinner baits, Buzz baits and surface frogs can work well to entice bass strikes on the water surface at this time of year.

Northern pike anglers are finding some nice pike in the deeper depths of the Chetek Chain of Lakes. Casting with deep diving Crank bait such as Rapala shad raps, rattle traps or the Mepp’s spinners No. 3, 4 or 5. Trolling this time for them can be a good way to find them in these deeper waters depths an helps in cover water to find the active ones. Hold onto your rod tight when trolling cause they will hit the baits hard when they hit.

Parents, kids or gran kids, if you are looking for something to do for a few hours this weekend in the afternoon come on out to watch and support local bass anglers in the 2 day bass fishing tournament weigh-in at Red’s restaurant docks and shoreline on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Weigh-ins start around at 3 p.m. I guarantee you will see some four and possibly five pound bass caught by some of these good anglers, and some nice bags of fish caught by the anglers fishing the tournament.

Good luck to all fishing anglers when out fishing!

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