Selina Walters, Ruby and Rod Bensley enjoying a pheasant in 2020.

My good friend Rod Bensley of Burnett told me back in early June, 2021, that he had rectal and prostate cancer and would probably die by September. Rod owned and managed Roosters Run pheasant preserve and did an excellent job of managing it, as well the 212 acres of land that his wife Wendy Vick and he owned.

I decided on the day that I found out about Rod’s future that I was going to be the best friend that I could be to him in the last months of life. In July 2021, Rod gave me his Ravin R29 crossbow as he was sure that he would not see that fall’s bow season. In September, Rod was still alive. I returned the crossbow and he harvested a buck with it and was told he would “maybe” make it until December. In December I muzzleloader hunted on his property and Rod was still very much alive as I was also there for the first day of the doe season, and I watched him shoot two antlerless deer. I left his home with the Ravin R29 as he was sure he would be gone by March. This past August I returned the Ravin as Rod refused to die and was tough as ever, and our friendship had really grown to a very mutual admiration.

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