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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic Health System ― Northland is offering a drive-thru screening location in Cameron, Wisconsin, beginning Monday, March 23. This location is for current Mayo Clinic Health System patients who meet criteria for COVID-19 and are referred for testing. Transmission of COVID-19 is increasing nationwide, and other institutions have successfully used the drive-thru approach.

As a first step, Mayo Clinic Health System patients should call their Mayo Clinic Health System primary care clinic. A provider or nurse will determine if patients meet criteria for testing. If patients meet this criteria they will be sent to a designated testing site.

You should not show up to a testing site without being pre-screened. The virus spreads rapidly and this process will help minimize potential exposure to other patients and staff. 

Again, Mayo Clinic Health System patients should call their provider first before being tested.

Mayo Clinic Health System patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should take these steps: 

  • Call your Mayo Clinic Health System primary care clinic or provider for a phone screening. Your provider or nurse will direct you to the dedicated COVID-19 Nurse Line. Patients meeting testing criteria will be directed to a local testing location.
  • If you meet the criteria for testing, you will be directed to a drive-thru testing location in Cameron or Eau Claire, Wisconsin. At the drive-thru location, Mayo Clinic Health System staff will collect specimens using appropriate precautions. The specimens will then be sent to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for analysis. Patients will be advised of next steps.

Patients should not show up to a testing site without being prescreened. The virus spreads rapidly, and this process will minimize potential exposure.

No visitor policy in effect


Until further notice, all hospitals and clinics at Mayo Clinic Health System in Northwest Wisconsin have implemented a no visitor policy for everyone's safety. Exceptions to this policy for inpatient care include one visitor for end-of-life patients, birth of a child and pediatric patients. Also, one visitor will be allowed for outpatient care if the patient has a physical or cognitive impairment, or is a minor. All visitors will be screened to assess for COVID-19 symptoms.

Mayo Clinic Health System understands that these restrictions will be difficult for patients and their loved ones. Mayo Clinic Health System is taking these necessary steps to protect everyone's safety. Family members are encouraged to consider other ways to connect with their loved ones, such as by phone or other devices.

Keeping safety top of mind

Mayo Clinic Health System's mission is to care for you and your family members. At Mayo Clinic Health System, the needs of the patient come first. Mayo Clinic Health System is committed to meet your needs throughout the pandemic and beyond. You are asked to partner with Mayo Clinic Health System to stay safe, healthy and informed.

Mayo Clinic Health System continues to coordinate with local and regional partners to take the necessary precautions for everyone's safety. For the latest on getting care locally during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the Mayo Clinic Health System website.

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