The author as a teenager on a serene river in west central Wisconsin with a tiger musky. 

I’d like to use this last installment to get deep. And no, this will not be about how to catch walleye off deep structure or where to find the best catfish holes on the Chippewa River. Instead, let’s look at the question: Why do we fish?

If you’ve read some of the previous articles in this series you’ve now heard about some of my favorite adventures and memorable catches. But in addition to being fun, fishing has been important to me. Many of the truly pivotal decisions in my life have been made on the banks of a trout stream. As a parent, some of the most rewarding experiences with my kids are riding home from a fishing adventure and recounting everything that they saw and learned. A few of the most inspiring conversations I have had with friends have happened just sitting on the end of the dock, watching bobbers and admiring the ripples on the water.

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