At approximately 12:55 a.m., July 8, law enforcement dispatched to a report of a man and woman screaming in a Turtle Lake roadway.

The caller reported that she had a gun and had fired a warning shot after the man came at her, according to a call detail report. 

 Sirens could be heard getting closer, witnesses later told police, and Andrew R. Hornstein of Clayton got into his truck, turned off the headlights and drove off.

Hornstein, 33, was charged on July 9 with felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanors: battery and disorderly conduct, both with domestic abuse modifiers. 

According to court records, earlier in the evening at a bar Hornstein had attempted to convince a woman he knew to come home with him.

The woman later told police she had been highly intoxicated and had told Hornstein she would walk home, but eventually agreed to go with him. 

A witness told police that the woman was put into Hornstein’s truck unconscious, and when she came to, she said she did not want to go with him and wanted out.

As Hornstein drove away, the woman exited the vehicle. He stopped the truck, got out, picked the woman up and put her in the backseat. 

The woman told police they argued, and when she said she wanted out of the vehicle he back-handed slapped her.

She tried to exit, but the door wouldn’t open.

Hornstein later told police he had activated the child safety locks, documents state. 

Eventually the woman got out and fell into the roadway near a home.

The two homeowners came outside after calling 911 and witnessed Hornstein and the woman screaming at each other. He grabbed her, and she yelled at him to let go. 

The male homeowner got in between the two as the female homeowner ran inside to get a handgun, records state. 

Records state the woman got behind the female homeowner with the handgun, while the male homeowner held up Hornstein. 

Hornstein eventually pushed him away and advanced on the two women.

That’s when the homeowner fired the warning shot into the ditch. 

Hornstein got back into his truck, blacked out the headlights and drove away, but police caught up to him, and he pulled the truck over at approximately 1:03 a.m., according to a call detail report. 

A $5,000 signature bond was set for Hornstein.

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