Emma Boettcher

Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher, at right, next to “Jeopardy!”  host Alex Trebek.


Emma Boettcher, granddaughter of Ted and Helen Krenzke of Rice Lake, defeated the second most winning Jeopardy! champion of all time during an episode that aired June 4. 

Boettcher correctly answered “who is Marlowe?” to the Final Jeopardy! question on Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” and accepted a congratulatory high five from 32-time champion James Holzhauer. Boettcher went on to win twice more and finished with a three-game prize total of $97,002. Ted Krenzke described his granddaughter as “remarkably bright,” and said that when the family gets together and plays Trivial Pursuit everyone wants Emma on their team.

Boettcher was not allowed to tell anyone the results of the game before it aired. She kept the secret from her grandparents, as well as her own sister, since the original taping on March 12. Her parents were at the taping and were under the same secrecy conditions. 

Krenzke said he had an inkling about the results, though, as when he was talking to Boettcher’s mother the Sunday before the episode aired she had mentioned planning a watch party at their home near Philadelphia. 

Krenzke figured if she was putting together a party, there must be something to celebrate. 

Boettcher is a librarian at the University of Chicago, graduated from Princeton and received a Masters in information science from the University of North Carolina. She also, Ted said, does the Friday and Saturday New York Times crosswords with no erasures and no references. 

According to The Daily Princetonian, Boettcher will use her winnings to pay off loans and to make church and alumni donations.

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