My Texas memories start way back in 1967 when my late husband, Tom Olsen, was assigned to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, but occupied office space in downtown Dallas, Texas. Tom traveled for the military as a first lieutenant and a recruiter six months of the year. I was left to find my own entertainment and decided to conquer the city in any way I could. The 36 months we were there gave me a broad knowledge base on civil rights while teaching 48 students in an all-black school in south Dallas. I learned a whole lot about being creative. I also learned my way around the city and suburbs and taught myself to live big, because everything is BIG in Texas.

Little did I know in the first decade of the new century, I would be back living in Dallas six months a year and working as a consultant in language arts for the State Department of Education — Texas style. The best time of each day was when Bob and I would sit at the dining room table and read the Dallas Morning News over a cup of coffee. I LOVED reading the social sections and on occasion went to meet a celebrity or hear an author I adored at a book store that I’d read about in the paper.

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