Barron County's 210-mile snowmobile trail system closed Monday after a short riding season of just over 3 weeks. Trail conditions quickly began to deteriorate over the mild weekend, and extensive thawing is occurring this week as temperatures soar into the 50s. The county trail system opened Feb. 13. The 24-day open period this winter pales in comparison to a 96-day snowmobile riding season during the long and snowy winter of 2013-14. The trail system closed March 24 last year. This winter's 24-day open period is not the shortest for the county snowmobile trails. The trails were open only 6 days­-the first week in March following a 12-inch snowfall-in the winter of 2011-12. In the winter of 2001-02, the trail system was open for only 72 hours following a snowstorm in mid March.

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