Owners of a brewing company proposing to open in Rice Lake have started a crowdsourcing funding campaign.

“We are going to be offering shares in Agonic Brewing. They are non-voting shares, but eventually people will be able to collect a dividend from them. We are still finalizing the other incentives for buying into the company but for sure there will be specialty one-off beers for founding owners,” said Agonic founder Noah Marach.

The cost of each share will be $250 a piece and a single person will be able to purchase up to $10,000 worth of shares. They will be sold at www.craftfund.com

“Once the campaign gets started you should be seeing us around town and possibly other cities in the area promoting the campaign through tasting sessions of our current test batches of the brewery,” said Marach. 

A major hurdle for the brewery is finding a location in Rice Lake. Two proposed locations, Bibbey Body Works and Printmasters, fell through.   

“Once we have a location we can then apply for our federal brewing permit. The application process requires blueprints of the premises. Right now the average time a brewing permit takes for approval is 178 days so best case scenario is we will be open 6 months from landing a location. We are still planning on locating in the City of Rice Lake.,” said Marach.

He said Agonic now has a Facebook page and will have its website going live this month.

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