Sukys wins state land surveyors award

Rhonda Sukys' expertise gets state notice.

Barron County Geographic Information System specialist Rhonda Sukys was awarded the Friend of Wisconsin Land Surveying Award from the Wisconsin County Surveyors Assn.

It was announced at its general membership meeting Jan. 26 at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells.

Many individuals, organizations and local governments regularly make significant contributions to support the land surveying profession.

The WCSAs Friend of Wisconsin Land Surveying Award is given to an individual who is not a professional land surveyor but has contributed to the success or advancement of land surveying in Wisconsin.

Sukys was recognized for helping create and maintain several GIS layers such as the PLSS Database that  includes coordinates and digital tie sheets, Survey Document Database that includes scanning and indexing all filed survey maps for viewing and parcel mapping that includes all parcels in the county being mapped.

All of the layers are available for public viewing at no cost on the Barron County website. This has helped surveyors do their jobs efficiently.

She also plays an important role in reviewing subdivisions in Barron County.

Barron County Surveyor Mark Netterlund, who submitted the nomination said, “Rhonda is a very important part of reviewing subdivisions in Barron County. She is a very important member of the Barron County Land Services department. We all depend on her. Rhonda always applies excellence, respect, friendliness and hard work to her position with Barron County. She is a huge help to me as well as the survey profession in general.”

The county surveyor’s sentiments were echoed by several private surveyors.

Jon Nelson said, “Rhonda Sukys has been a great asset to surveyors working in Barron County. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in communicating the requirements and procedures to get plats and certified survey maps approved in Barron County. It has been my experience that Rhonda is always willing to go out of her way to look at concept maps and provided feedback very quickly, which is very much appreciated.”

James Ritchie said, “Rhonda Sukys has an excellent working knowledge of the technical aspects of Chapter 236 of the Wisconsin Statutes as well as the Barron County zoning ordinances. Using her skills, Rhonda is able to manage the sometimes challenging relationships between zoning, the public and the surveyor.”

Matthew Shilts said, “I have worked with her on numerous occasions while completing certified survey maps in Barron County... In  addition to above mentioned qualities, I believe Rhonda’s best quality is her willingness to discuss and explore together with the surveyor the options that potential land divisions have. I have worked with her on many jobs that have presented potential problems and have many design constraints. She has been willing to work with me to determine the best option and course to complete the task.”

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