Barron County Snowmobile Trails

Barron County's snowmobile trail system will reopen Friday, Jan. 10, at noon.

Barron County snowmobile trails will reopen Friday, Jan. 10, at noon, after being closed since Christmas because of a late December thaw. The trail system had originally opened Dec. 21.

Kim Dahlberg of the Barron County Sheriff's Department said that when trails reopen they will be groomed and in fair condition. However, some wetland areas are not completely frozen.

The sheriff's department release noted that nearly all of the county's 310 miles of trails use private land that must be respected by not straying from the marked trails, such as cutting corners and riding across fields off the trail. Riding off-trail is trespassing and will be strictly enforced as such.

"We are also receiving an increasing number of complaints about noise caused by modified snowmobile exhaust systems. This is also illegal and citations will be issued to violators," said Dahlberg.

To report off-trail riding and other violations, or for any other trail concerns, contact the Barron County Sheriff's Department at 715-537-3106. Snowmobile trail conditions report can be heard at 715-637-4275.

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