I'd like to suggest to my Trump-loving friends, that their attempts to blame the violence at the Capitol on Antifa is simply the result of their belief that with God on their side, law and order on their side, the police that they support on their side, that only peaceful demonstrations would ever take place when they protested.

As the pictures of who was in the Capitol clearly indicate, the self-appointed leaders of different Trump supporting groups has shown, it is not Antifa who invaded the Capitol, but Trump's most ardent and vocal supporters who have led the peaceful demonstrators down the primrose path.

These Capitol invaders are no different than the small number of rioters and looters that the Right so diligently tars the whole Black Lives Matter movement or any other protest movement with when the vast majority of protesters are peaceful and have grievances.

Now you know what it is like when you disagree with your government and a few bad apples spoil the barrel with their violence. Now you know how irrational your view of Black Lives Matter protests are because there are always lunatics in any movement whose aim is self-promoting.

It is time we all step back and re-evaluate how we talk about people we are prejudiced against. This president, like other leaders of the past, has perpetrated his own agenda by preying on the fears of those who worry about being left behind or disadvantaged by the Hispanic and Muslim immigrants of the 2000s, just like the African Americans of the 1900s were, the Irish of the 1800s and the Germans in the 1700s and the Jews in Hitler's Germany. Somehow, it's never the fault of those with the money.

As always, it is not the immigrants who are causing the decline of the middle class, but the greedy billionaires at the top. It is the oligarchs. It is the aristocracy. It's the same people that our Founding Fathers fought against. It is time we quit believing that it is the poor who are dragging us down, because it is the richest 400 people in this country who control 60% of the wealth in this country who have stolen the opportunity for anyone who works a 40 hour per week job to earn a living wage and to own a home, have good healthcare, good schools, clean air and water.

Yes, it is time for change. Real change. It is time to do what was done in the 1950s and 60s that led to this country having the largest wealthy middle class that the world has ever seen. It is time to tax the rich heavily. It is time to share the wealth with all the citizens of this country. It's time to repair our infrastructure. It is time to support organized labor. It is time to put people ahead of corporations. It is time to get money out of politics. It's time we focused on the real problems instead of blaming the poor and downtrodden. It's time to really make America Great.

John Hardin


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