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TOWN OF BEAVER BROOK– Justin A. Andrea, 35, of Rice Lake died in a crash on Saturday evening while traveling along Hwy. 253 in the town of Beaver Brook.

The accident occurred through and past the intersection of Woodcraft Road and Cranberry Drive, and a person who lived near there reported hearing a crash at 9:24 p.m. and the driver inside the car not moving.

Officers from the Washburn County Sheriff's Department and Spooner Police Department, plus the North Memorial Ambulance, all arrived at 9:32 p.m. and found a 2010 Toyota Prius on its side in the woods beside Hwy. 253, facing south.

Ambulance personnel broke the sunroof to gain access to the car and found that Andrea had died.

The sheriff's deputy's report said that “due to the tire tracks in the ditch the vehicle had to have been traveling north bound on Highway 253 then crossed lanes and entered the ditch on the west side of the Highway 253. The vehicle then hit the bottom of the ditch then went up a hill and hit a tree about 12-15ft in the air. The vehicle then turned around so it was facing towards the south and landed on its side.”

The report notes that the airbag did not deploy and it was not clear whether a seat belt was worn.

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