Barron County Public Health is asking the community for patience as residents wait for their COVID-19 vaccines. Health care systems are working to distribute the vaccine they receive from the state as quickly as possible.

“Right now, the supply of vaccines is very limited,” Health Officer Laura Sauve said. “We know there are many more people waiting on the vaccine than there is vaccine available. We ask for patience, as it will take time before everyone is able to get it. Even though it might be awhile before you can get vaccinated, there are things you can do to help right now. Please continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, stay home when you are sick and avoid unnecessary travel and gatherings.”

As of Jan. 26, healthcare providers, police, fire and emergency services staff and anyone ages 65 and older are able to get the vaccine.

Anyone who fits into one of the groups listed above and have a regular health care provider should sign up through that provider. The best way to sign up is through the provider’s online registration system. Some providers also have phone lines set up for those without access to the internet. Anyone who does not have a regular health care provider can register with the healthcare system of their choosing. Only register for the vaccine once. Repeatedly calling or registering with more than one system will not help speed up the vaccination process.

“It is important that people only sign up on one list,” Sauve said. “When people sign up on multiple lists it slows the process and leads to delays in vaccinations for everyone.”

Barron County Public Health is matching people to vaccinators as vaccines become available. Any healthcare worker or police, fire or emergency medical staff who still needs to be vaccinated may sign up using the survey on the Barron County website, or by calling 715-537-6123 and follow the prompts to leave a message. Public Health will be finishing these groups prior to moving to ages 65 and older.

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