MARSHFIELD — Marshfield Clinic Health System has received thousands of requests for the COVID-19 vaccinations since the Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced Tuesday that people age 65 and older will be eligible beginning Monday. 

The clinic appreciates that so many people are seeking this vaccination to protect themselves, their loved ones and community members. Staff is working as quickly as possible to ensure those who are eligible receive vaccinations. The clinic urges patience as it navigates the high number of people reaching out to schedule a vaccination and as it awaits additional supplies of vaccine.

There are approximately 700,000 Wisconsinites who are 65 and older and Wisconsin currently receives around 70,000 first-dose vaccines per week from the federal government, according to DHS. Marshfield Clinic Health System, like all health systems, is reliant on state and federal health departments to disperse vaccines. Without increased amounts of vaccines, elderly patients may have to wait weeks, if not months, to receive the vaccination.

The easiest way to sign up for the vaccine is to visit and complete the COVID-19 vaccine survey. People who call 877-998-0880 to complete the survey may face lengthy hold times or directed to leave a voicemail that may take five days for a return call.

After completing the survey, Marshfield Clinic will contact eligible applicants to schedule an appointment. Do not call a primary care provider or other health care professional to request a COVID-19 vaccination as this is the only way to get an appointment scheduled.

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