Inspire Sports inspired many

Many children of all ages with any disabilities took to the basketball courts at Tainter School  in Rice Lake on Saturday to participate in Inspire Sports. The event comes from a partnership between Rice Lake Schools Pupil Services department, Rice Lake High School varsity boys and girls basketball teams and Inspire Sports,  headed by Lucas Jadin.

Mentors, players, coaches and parents had the opportunity to play basketball and other games and establish camaraderie.

A special friendship between Avery Habas and Connor Kinney started at last year’s event.  Avery,  and other varsity basketball players, now attend Connor’s  special Olympics basketball games and Connor attends the varsity games to watch the team and his friend Avery. They connect with each other after the games and spend time together outside of basketball, as well.   

Another special friendship was started at this year’s event between Peyton Buckley and Levi Miller, pictured at left, that will continue for years as well as other friendships made during the event.

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