In many Christian churches on Jan. 6, a yearly festival, the Epiphany, commemorates when Jesus was present as the Christ to the Gentiles. Webster also defines epiphany as "a moment of sudden intuitive understanding, a flash or insight."

Was the Jan. 6 atrocious behavior of Donald Trump, the inciting of a rebellious mob to overtake the Congress of the United States enough for most of his followers to finally see him for what he is?

Unfortunately not. Even several Wisconsin politicians are still wanting to recount the votes. Are they acting to protect their political future or are they totally enmeshed in cult-like adherence to Trumpism?

Trump is a narcissistic, pathologic liar. He will continue to create chaos that weakens American democracy.

The Congress of the United States can at least prevent him from running for president again by impeaching him or involving the 25th Amendment. They should do so now.

Helen Olson


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