Washburn County Circuit Judge Gene Harrington

Four people have applied to be the Washburn County Circuit Court judge when Judge Gene Harrington retires at the close of August 2 after nearly 22 years on the bench.

The candidates are Thomas Frost, Andrew Harrington, Aaron Marcoux, and Angeline Winton, the governor's office said in an email to the Spooner Advocate on Monday, July 8.

Gov. Tony Evers will appoint a new judge to serve until July 31, 2020. Then whoever is elected in the spring election will take over on August 1, 2020, for a six-year term.

Harrington had said in his retirement statement in May that he hoped the governor would select his successor before August 15 because the annual Judicial College for judges begins August 19 and every judge, especially a new one, needs that basic education.

He also had two other requests:

> “Appoint a lawyer that has successfully tried cases to a jury,” he said. “Not necessarily a lawyer that has won every jury trial, but a practitioner that has experienced the preparation and process of a trial. Many lawyers become judges without real trial experience. The learning curve can be steep. New judges flounder ing denies due process to both practicing lawyers and their clients.”

> “Although historically I was a Democrat, I urge that you appoint a person without regard to political affiliation. Appoint a good student of the law. That is the most important predictor in the long term success of a judge.”

Candidates for the election in April can begin circulating papers in December, with the paperwork due by January 2 and the Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) due by January 7. A Spring Primary will be held in February.

Harrington was last elected in 2015, and his six-year term would have been through July 31, 2021.

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