Editor’s note: Following is a report from Rice Lake Tourism, with fishing tips provided by Jordan Marsh of Marsh Outdoors.

The fishing season is back and in full swing here in Wisconsin. The weather was fabulous on opening day and I don’t recall ever having one that nice. As expected, there were a lot of boats out on the water and people had mixed results on how the bite was.

The walleye bite was good when they were shallow, but the window was very short lived. It was a first hour or two of daylight and the last hour at night for catching fish. With the ice being out early, it’s no surprise that most fish had moved out and into deeper water after they spawned. The shallow fish were biting on a small jig tipped with a fat head minnow. Water temperatures fluctuated from 45-52 degrees and with some warm days, it should really fire these fish up. The next two weeks will be good to use a jig and minnow combo for pitching into shallow areas, and if you want to slide out deeper, increase the jig size and catch them vertically.

Bluegills are in the small shallow bays. They are soaking up the warm mid-day sun and can be caught on fly tackle or just a simple worm and hook beneath a bobber. Look for bays that are only a few feet deep and have a dark muddy bottom. This helps warm that water up quicker and brings those fish into those areas.

Good luck fishing and remember, introduce someone new into the outdoors. They will appreciate it for a lifetime.

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