Editor’s note: Following is a report from Rice Lake Tourism, with fishing tips provided by Jordan Marsh of Marsh Outdoors.

The weather this summer has been unbelievable for being out on the water. Even though the grass, trees and crops need the rain, it has basically been non-existent and just pure sunshine to fish in. Enjoy these long summer days while we still can!

The walleye bite has been tough the last two weeks. Fish are spread out all over the lake and getting a consistent pattern together has not been easy. All summer methods are working but getting numbers in an area has been tough. You can pick your favorite tactic right now and it has been producing fish. Fish are still on the edges of weeds but those fish are smaller in size, while you can get bigger fish out trolling the main lake basin but those are coming in low quantity.

The edges of the structure seem to be holding a good variety of fish but it takes some patience to find them. Once you find the structure fish, a lindy rig or slip bobbers have been producing fish. The jigging rap bite is slowly getting better and this bite will continue to produce as we roll into August.

The panfish are loaded in and around the weed beds right now. Stay on the outside edges of them, cast toward the vegetation but make sure to leave some room so you don’t get too close to the fish with the boat and scare them deep into the weeds. Setting a bobber only 2-3 feet down is producing great numbers with a few occasional big fish common, or you can go deeper on the weed edges and catch bigger fish but lower numbers. This is a great time to get some new or younger anglers out to catch a pile of fish and get them interested in the sport.

Good luck fishing and remember, introduce someone new into the outdoors. They will appreciate it for a lifetime.

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